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The Health of Adolescents in the Dutch and British Overseas Caribbean Territories. A multiterritory profile

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The objective of the studies was to generate strategic information on the health and wellness of young persons in the OCTs that could help guide efforts to strengthen services and develop targeted interventions to address the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs and other health needs of young persons in the OCTs. The health issues and related factors addressed in the studies included HIV and SRH, mental health, substance use, diet, exercise and body image, violence, family, peers, and school and community relations. PAHO supported data analysis and the development of a report for each of the participating territories, to enable optimal use of the collected data on the territory level. This report provides a multiterritory profile of adolescents aged 15–19 years in the OCTs that was generated through analysis of the pooled data collected in the six OCTs.
Fecha de Publicacion 2016-12
Palabras Clave Adolescent Health; Social Conditions; Social Group; Health Profile; Caribbean Region
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