The Social Security Monitor is a set of constantly updated information services that make references to catalogs, blogs, databases, digital repositories, etc., offered by international organizations, academic and research institutions, on social security and Related subjects.

To access, you should go to the website:: http://biblioteca.ciess.org/monitor or click In the shortcut menu:

or also from the Information Services section from the main page of the Digital Library

Social Security Institutions

Links to websites of institutions affiliated to the Inter-American Social Security Conference; as well as to different agencies and institutions related to social security.

Information resources

It provides links to different types of documentary sources, such as databases, library catalogs, etc.

Social security issues

It provides links to different organizations and institutions that make available documentary or research materials related to the area of study of social security

Social security news

The Monitor also has links to current news on regional and international social security.

About Social Security Monitor